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 Gunz Ice Skin (V2.2)

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PostSubject: Gunz Ice Skin (V2.2)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:01 am


~ IJJI GunZ Skin Hack v1.22
Works since the patch of [11/25/08]
Made by Hamedia(from GzP) NOT ME!


Fully Icy SkiNNeD
Custom Narration Sounds
Icy Night Battle Arena Map
Icy Night Island Map (Beta)

Icy Stairway Map

Twisting dashing aura
Electrical Surround Berserk

Custom Narration Sounds :
I changed a bit of narration sound to UT, Dota, Cs, sounds. For example : Fantastic goes to mmmMONSTER KILLL...
(Only added : Head Shot, mmMonster kill, God like, Holy Shit)

Dash and Berserk :
Well, the original was blue, I though it was ghey and non-intense. So, I made it blue and more intense, refer to screen shot for some info.

How to install : (on a default path of gunz's installation)
Extract "sfx" to C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Gunz
Extract "GunzLauncher" to C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Gunz
Extract "loadable" to C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Gunz\Interface
Extract all maps (Battle Arena ,Island & Stairway) to C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Gunz\Maps
Extract "nar" to C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Gunz\Sound\Effect

If you don't get a msg about overwriting the files then you pasted it in
the wrong directory.

Change log from v1.2 to v1.21 :
- Added Red Berserk Aura
- Removed 2 leeched maps
- Added Icy Night Island map
- Forgot to add Icy Stairway in previous version, you got it now.

Change log from v1.21 to v1.22 :
- Removed red berserk aura
- Added Twisting dashing aura
- Added Electrical Surround Berserk

Download :

Credits :
Me, Myself and I
x1nixmzeng (GzP) for the Non-Updating Launcher
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Gunz Ice Skin (V2.2)
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